Sanusi Olatunji


I am a Nigerian born artist based in South Africa. Forth born of the family. I was born 4th of Sept 1982 in a town called Ejigbo in Lagos Nigeria. Art is not really appreciated nor understood in this area. The passion and love I have for art made me pursue art as my career after I finished in high school. I studied General art and obtained Diploma in Art in the year 2006 at Yaba College of technology. I worked as a full time studio Artist for two years after I had my   industrial training at Universal Studio for one year. Late 2009 I decided to leave Nigeria to explore the world and pursue my dream. I became a member of the Association of art Pretoria and been practising art since then till present. I have been practicing art and exhibiting in Pretoria for 6 years.  Since 2015 I have been exploring Johannesburg. I work in deferent mediums but discovered my love in working in paper Collage since 2015 till present and already known for it.


As an artist, I found myself happiness, joy and life in art. I make the works of art that speaks to me and others. My Art is what comes from within me. The words l couldn’t speak out I express them through my art. The things that influences me in art are music, literature, history and nature. I explore the use of paper collage in my works as a form of recycling as well uniqueness. With the use of paper am able to capture impressions on human faces.  I am able to capture beauty in my art with the use of paper. I am able to differentiate light from shade with the use of paper.  I am able to capture human feelings with the use of paper. I am also able to capture seascape, landscape and skyline with the use of paper be it in the day or night. I use my art as a medium of healing the soul also as a medium of communicating to the world

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