Marke Meyer

The Heart of Eve

Medium: Bronze

Dimensions: 97x27x15cm

This piece plays with 2D and 3D spacial dimensions: reality and the essentials. Eve’s Heart turns out to be an apple after all. The base is the enlargement of the missing square that allows us to see beneath the surface


A World of Possibilities 

Medium: Bronze suspended by Cable

Dimensions: 90x30x58cm

The figure is contained within a familiar realm. She peers out in a curious but guarded way. Her future is filled with opportunities and hope.

Finding my Feet

Medium: Bronze suspended by cable

Dimensions: 143x100x86cm

The adolescent transcends into adulthood and has to make life’s choices – the Flipper or the Roller Skate? She leaves behind her childhood influences: the school suitcase and chair, the teacher’s apple and the rocking horse of pre-adolescence. This is about growing up on your own terms.

State of Grace

Medium: Bronze Sculpture

Dimensions: 211cm x 89cm x 80cm

Year: 2017

This piece marks the return to innocence although the trappings of life’s experiences will always remain as a reminder of the journey.” 

No Strings Attached

Medium: Bronze & Stainless Steel on White Ceasarstone

Dimensions: 116x65x21cm

Tightly wedged between others, needing others for support and yet not really needing them at all

Pick Me Up, Pull You Closer, Hold Me Tighter

Medium: Bronze & Stainless Steel Hoops Suspended By Cable 

Dimensions: 220 x 50 x 50cm


An interlocking trio of individual figures. The work is about experiences, trust and connectedness

Of Memories And Forgetting

Medium: Bronze on White Caesarstone

Dimensions: 51 x 43 x 43cm


A restful dream-space with a hint of pre-birth tranquillity and the watery world from which we emerge.

In Dreams So Far Removed

Medium: Bronze & Stainless Steel Suspended by Cable

Dimensions: 118 x 63 x 63cm


The structural stainless steel ‘cage’ is reminiscent of man-made structures e.g. sky-scrapers. The figure is entrapped in this reality but has freed herself as she retreats into her own mind-space”

Your Breath, Your Thoughts & Your Tempered Dreams

Medium: Bronze Suspended by Cable

Dimensions: 115 x 49 x 38cm


A wilfulness to reconfigure your unfulfilled waking dreams.”

Sams Sister And The Little Box Of Happiness

Medium: Bronze and Satinless Steel

Dimensions: 153 x 116 x 27cm


Two sisters on a see-saw. This piece is about sisterly protection & love amidst tenuous circumstances and an adverse environment.

Wayward Dreams Of The Outside World

Medium: Bronze Suspended by Cable

Dimensions: 136 x 56 x 60cm


The Girl from the watery world is faced with the choice of leaving her familiar realm and emerging into an unknown world.

Weaving Myself Around These Threads Of You

Medium: Bronze Suspended by Cable

Dimensions: 210 x 50 x 50cm


The increasing size of the chairs represent our progression through life. The desire to transcend these experiences is evident in her determination to transcend from one state to another.

All of Me

Medium: Bronze on Caesarstone

Dimensions: 98 x 35 x 95cm


A complete supplication.

A Trilogy

Medium: Bronze on Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 70 x 18 x 12cm each


Trilogy Group

Change is part of trilogy and represents the determination to bring about change and the re-invention of the person in a domain full of influences.

Chaste is part of a trilogy and represents the most natural, pre-birth, innocent state of being with a hint of things to come and choices that will be made.

Chance is part of a trilogy and represents the willingness to let go of all fears and inhibitions – a longing for release without any expectation.

Everything & Not Anything

Medium: Bronze Suspended

Dimensions: 116 x 107 x 55cm 


The albatross represents the girl’s alter ego (the freedom of flight seems preferable to swimming). Childhood influences, by way of a roller skate and a flipper, always remain a consideration.

A Time to Drift

Medium: Bronze on White Caesarstone Plinth

Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 53cm 


MARKE MEYER – Sculptor

Marke is essentially a poet. Having abandoned the pen and paper in exchange for space itself, he now uses sculpture to create his how unique, quirky concoction of ‘visual poetry’.

According to Marke: “Figures fascinate me…especially the female figure. I prefer the nude figure as it is free of context allowing for an open-ended expression of abstract concepts and emotions. The figure, metaphoric in every sense, describes a state of mind, or more often the projection of ‘mind’ into a space removed…a mind-space perhaps. This is a comfortable, magical space without restraint or restriction. The human body, ether in frenetic movement or caught at rest, remains my only playground.”

Marke Meyer is a sculptor, photographer and a multi-media artist. He was born in Kokstad, spent his childhood in the mountains of Lesotho and matriculated from Westville Boy’s High School in 1981.

He studied for a BSc Agric. (Hort) and graduated in 1987.He then opened his own wholesale nursery business which he ran successfully for eighteen years.

During all these years he studied art privately with his passion being in all things figurative. Sculpture and photography became his tools to explore the human figure. Years ago, with his growing success as an artist, he was finally able to sell the horticultural business and set out on a career as a full time artist.

Marke Meyer’s work is available for sale in many South African galleries. His pieces have traveled abroad to North America, Central America, South America, United Kingdom, Europe, Israel, Poland, New Zealand and Australia.